Leading Landscape Design Build Contractor In West Chester PA: Understanding French Drains

Adverse weather conditions are one of the worst enemies of your landscaping. Whether you want to install a new landscape design or want to spruce up an existing one to make your yard more aesthetically appealing and functional, the need to ensure proper drainage solutions cannot be underestimated. A skilled landscape design-build contractor in West Chester PA can help install French drains when working on properties prone to flooding because of excessive rain or snowfall.

There are various reasons why we recommend installing French drainage systems. These are simple, yet effective features that consist of a pipe in a gravel-lined ditch. They reroute water around low spots, reducing the risk of water pooling or flooding. Depending on the drainage solutions that your yard needs, we could install the feature right in front of your basement window or behind retaining walls.

One of the landscaping design ideas that is currently trending is mixing hardscapes with areas that have natural vegetation. The drains we install will protect your hardscapes from structural issues caused by poor drainage. They will also prevent the lawn and flower gardens from getting soggy and possibly causing rotting of your mulching and plant roots.

The science behind how these drains work is pretty simple. During installation, we first create sloped trenches before installing the pipes. This ensures that any water that lands in the pipe is instantly directed away from specific spots prone to flooding.

It is also crucial to note that these pipes virtually never get clogged because we wrap them with fabric to keep off dirt and debris. After this, our skilled experts cover them with gravel, allowing groundwater to enter the pipes and get redirected. Thanks to our years of experience and dedication to continuing education, we have what it takes to make the French drains in your property a functional and visually appealing feature that resembles all other elements the hardscapes we install.