Landscape Maintenance In West Chester PA; Tips For The Rainy Season

One of the most rewarding parts of being a homeowner is to maintain a beautiful yard. Unfortunately, keeping your landscape looking vibrant is not as easy as many may assume. Each season brings new challenges, and most people find it particularly hard to keep their vegetation healthy during rainy seasons. We specialize in providing professional landscape maintenance in West Chester PA, and you can depend on us irrespective of the season.

Before the rains start falling, you should prepare for erosion. Rain causes runoff, and this washes away the topsoil and organic matter. There are various methods we can use to prevent erosion. In areas with extreme erosion issues, we recommend installing retaining walls to obstruct runoff. Give us a call and allow is to study your concerns to provide the best solutions.

You should fertilize your lawn before rainfall. To help you maintain a green and healthy lush all year round, we closely monitor weather forecasts, and this is how we can tell the ideal time for fertilizer applications. The idea is to supply fertilizer to the plants ahead of time and allow the rain to ensure the nutrients effectively penetrate the grounds.

It is vital to have proper drainage. During maintenance projects, we can assist you in ensuring gutters and channels can effortlessly direct rainwater away from your yard. If the systems in place are not adequate to prevent water puddles from forming in your yard, our specialists can help you build a creek to channel excess runoff.

When it rains, grass tends to grow faster, so you may need more frequent mowing. This is a crucial part of maintaining your yard in excellent condition during rainy seasons. We recommend mowing when the lawn is dry, perhaps a few days after it stops raining. Then again, do not step on the grass when it is wet because it is more vulnerable to breakage and looking untidy.