Let A Trusted West Chester PA Tree Trimming Service Help You Fulfill Your Duty Of Care

As a homeowner, “duty of care” is a phrase that you’re guaranteed to hear on a regular basis. This is the expected range of maintenance and preventative measures that all property owners must take to prevent the physical harm of those who visit or pass by their properties. When you fulfill your duty of care, you’re limiting the likelihood of costly liability issues. Following are several ways in which a West Chester PA tree trimming service can help take care of these important responsibilities.

Trees are lovely additions to residential and commercial properties. They add incredible amounts of aesthetic beauty all throughout the year. Some trees, such as fruiting trees, even have intrinsic value. This is foliage that reliable supplies nutritional goodness to those who live on the grounds. However, trees can also be the source of disaster. If they aren’t well-maintained, they can lead to property damage and even death.

Weak, broken, and dead branches and limbs can break off and fall to the ground at any time. They’re most prone to falling after major weather events, but they frequently fall when people are unsuspecting. Having a heavy limb fall on the neck or head of someone who lives on your property, is visiting, or is simply passing by is guaranteed to be devastating. At Riverview Landscaping, we remove all unhealthy branches and limbs to greatly minimize this risk. Our work also helps support the health and vitality of trees.

This support results in a lesser likelihood of injury and disease that in turn, minimizes the likelihood of limb problems in the future. We also an expert tree removal company and can do a thorough job with minimal disruption to the land. Getting rid of diseased and dying trees limits the risk of fire, termite infestation, major roof damage, and more.

You can also count on us for stump grinding services. Much like diligent tree care and timely tree removal, stump grinding limits liability risk. You’ll have fewer trip and fall hazards and more usable land for everyone to enjoy when playing or relaxing in your backyard. Best of all, you can enjoy all of these things without having to rent a costly, heavy, and incredibly dangerous stump grinding machine.